Our Levant Sparrowhawks are sitting on eggs!

Hawks – phantoms passing sight for seconds and leaving only silence. Nervous, aggressive hunters, whose silhouette raises panic among their victims and yet fragile creatures, threatened by numerous factors from the very first day of their lives. Read more..

The Incubators at the Centre – Home for Extinct Species


 In the beginning of May, the team of the Wildlife Rescue Centre had a double joy – the two Lesser Kestrel couples, unique for Bulgaria, laid eggs.  The little eggs, which provoked such euphoria, grew in number every single day. We could enjoy that joyful view without disturbing the young parents owing to the cameras that had been put in the nest for that purpose.

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School on Green Energy

On March 25th the Wildlife Rescue Centre welcomed guests from the Zheleznik Secondary School – Stara Zagora, turning into a green class room. This time, however, roles were swapped and students became teachers, presenting their teachers and some journalists information on green energy and the possibilities for its wide-scale use. Read more..