Autumn at the Wildlife Rescue Centre

The warm summer is long gone, the wonderful summer days passed fast. The baby room of the Rescue Centre, filled with bird noises and chirps is now deserted. The pens, accommodating impatient young storks, buzzards, owls and eaglets are now empty… All these birds were given a second chance in the wilderness.
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Tail-wind for our young Storks

The autumn migration of the Storks started in the beginning of August just as every year for thousands of years. Hundreds of thousands of storks started their epic journey to the South, among them a total of 56 storks, raised in the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans.

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The poachers opened their hunting season

With every start of yet another hunting season the Rescue Centre starts the anxious await of the victims… Raptors from far and near, accidentally came close to the “big men” with guns fall victims of a pointless, reckless and brainless war – the war of poachers against birds of prey.
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Bat-woman in the surgery room

An adult female Noctule Bat (Nyctalus noctula) undergone a life-saving osteosynthesis. The bat was accepted with a fracture on the right wing which would not allow her to fly.
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The first Storks also left the Rescue Centre

Zlato Pole Protected Area become a second home for a total of 6 young Storks. The birds hatched all over Bulgaria, yet share similar faith. Early, even before fledging, the young ambassadors of Spring left their nests due to various reasons – storms, short circuits, competition with larger siblings…
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