Stork Kindergarten at the Rescue Center

At the height of summer, the little storks are the most numerous inhabitants. Different causes brought these young birds to the specialists at the Centre. Some of them were the witnesses of a fire at the birth nest, which was caused by high voltage, others have fallen off at the time of tempest, and still others have not assessed the situation that it is too early to leave their cozy home. Read more..

Green Balkans team transported 31 Griffon Vultures from Spain to Bulgaria

To reach Bulgaria the vultures have travelled 2 days and 2 nights with minibus. The team of Green Balkans NGO used a ferry from Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona and after that travelled on wheels more than 3000 km crossing France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. After this adventure the vultures will be sheltered in a special aviary in the Rescue Center for Wild Animals in Stara Zagora. Read more..

Happy holiday people on the Earth!

With this salute the initiative of Green Balkans-Stara Zagora, the Samarian association, children from social institutions and students from the “Zheleznik” secondary school started today. Read more..

Free again

During the weekend nine patients of the Rescue Center returned into wild nature. Close to the Green Balkans platform for feeding vultures located in the area of the Pelevun village, Ivaylovgrad municipality, one snake-hunting eagle (Circaetus gallicus) and eight land tortoises from the two species found in our country – i.e. prick-tailed (Testudo hermanni) and prick-thighed (Testudo graeca) – found their freedom. Read more..

What is the Price of a Life after the Working Hours?

It is 5.20 p.m., Friday. This is end of the week for the state employees. The life in the country stops in expectation of the days off. What will happen if any living creature falls into misfortune at that time? The most precise answer of that question is NOTNING. Read more..