A thousand patients at the Wildlife Rescue Center

The thousandth patient of Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rescue Center for the year 2010 was admitted to the rehabilitation facility. The bird – a Coot (Fulica atra), was sent by the Smolyan Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water. The Coot was injured by a predator. Read more..

Christmas bazaar for wild birds

Inspired by the Christmas holidays, the young nature lovers from “P.R. Slaveykov” Second Secondary School in Stara Zagora organized the traditional charity bazaar. The funds raised by the kids will be donated again for the Eagle Owl they have adopted – a patient of the Wildlife Rescue Center for years. Read more..

Gosho the Pelican joint its flock

Gosho the young White Pelican, whose story we told you a week ago was released at the Skalitsa Reservoir and joint a flock of White Pelicans, wintering in the complex of reservoirs in the area. Read more..

White Pelicans in an uneven combat with power lines

Two young White Pelicans arrived in the Rescue Centre after hitting the wires of power lines. This is a fairly common problem for the larger bird species, as they tend not to perceive the wires as obstacles. Most of them however get killed by the electricity, while the rest that survive that, often get seriously injured by the fall. Read more..

First pair of Saker Falcons arrived in Bulgaria

The first breeding pair of Saker Falcons (Falco cherrug cherrug) arrived in Bulgaria. This is an important step of the programme for the reintroduction of the species in the country, coordinated by the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (IBER) at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. The falcons were purchased from Germany, with funds donated by Spacia Wildlife Ltd, a company specialized in ecotourism and observations of wildlife – birds, mammals, butterflies, etc. Read more..

New Home for the Griffon vulture Prisila

On 4th September, the Griffon vulture, which has been sent from Spain together with the first group in connection with the reintroduction program of this species in the Balkan Mountain, was sent to its new home in the village of Pelevun in the Eastern Rhodopes. Read more..

Green Energy for Green Activities in the Centre

А solar system is already working in the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre since the end of August. The system is being constructed as a part of the project Green Ideas for Green Activities – popularization, creation and development of an emblematic model of sustainable use of natural resources, which is being financed by the Small Grants Program (SGP) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Read more..

Innovative Method Helps the Storks to be Self-Dependent

As we have informed you some time ago, the yard of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre has become a real stork kindergarten during the last two months. Because of various reasons, many little storks have found a shelter at our Centre after incidents that have separated them from their parents – some nests on the pylon of the electrical network have been ignited, others have been destroyed by the pouring rain, etc. Read more..


At the beginning of the week, there was a signal, from an inhabitant from the village of Kasnakovo, Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, that a little stork is hanging out of the nest with its leg entangled in sisal. Read more..