The saved 153 tortoises are back in the wild

On June 10th the tortoises that were confiscated the previous week were set free in the Eastern Part of the Rodopi Mountain. The event took place in the nature preserve “Valchi dol” close to Studen Kladenets reservoir. Read more..

Poachers of Tortoises Convicted

Today, 5th June 2009, Plovdiv county court passed judgement on a case involving poachers who were caught trying to sell 153 land tortoises of two different species. All of those involved were handed a 1-year custodial sentence suspended for 3 years as well as a 1000 lev fine. Read more..

153 tortoises saved by police officers!

153 tortoises were sent to Green Balkans’ Rescue Center. The endangered animals were saved by officers of the Rakovski Regional Police Department in the town of Rakovski before being offered for sale and immediate penal proceedings were initiated against the perpetrators. Read more..

Owls and Kestrels breeding in the Rescue Center

This year, again, Green Balkans’ Rescue Center is running a successful breeding program. We are extremely happy with the three Barn Owl babies (Tyto alba), hatched two weeks ago in the Rescue Center. Their parents are disabled birds that after a period of rehabilitation were included in the breeding program. Read more..

Stork nest saved

Early in January 2009 a signal was received at Green Balkans’ office alarming about a half-destroyed platform mounted on an electric pylon in the village of Marikostinovo, Petrich Municipality. Read more..

Guests at the Rescue Center

On April 21st, the organizers and the participants in the Easter Art Bazaar “Let’s smile together – 2” paid an official visit to the Rescue Center. Read more..