Networking in EVS: Odyssey continues

The final seminar for establishing partnerships entitled “Networking in EVS: Odyssey continues” was held in the period November 25th-30th, 2008 on Ithaca island, Greece. Green Balkans’ representatives took part in the event, too. Read more..

New signals for poisoned birds

During the last few days many signals from citizens of Stara Zagora were received at the office of Green Balkans – they were mostly for dying birds in the center and in the suburbs of the town. Read more..

A number of poisoned birds were found in the surroundings of the town of Radnevo

Just as the last year during the sowing-time many wild animals died after eating seeds threatened with chemicals against pests. On October 20th, 2008 after a signal send by hunting society of Radnevo, a team of Green Balkans participated in the inspection of the affected sites and found a number of dead birds both from sporting and protected species, such as Circus aeruginosus and a Falco tinnunculus. Read more..