Nature in the movie “Botev”

Nature in the movie “Botev”

Soon the movie “Botev” will be on the big screen! Alongside all the actors and volunteers, we can see part of the animals from the Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center!
Yes, that’s right, you guessed it. Nature also has a place in the production.
And, while part of the animals are with permanent damage and have experience in front of the camera like the owlet – Chara, some were shown for the first time.

But for sure for some like the two turtles Chopie and Jimmy, Ezko the hedgehog, the wild rabbit Tinko and his stunt double Tropcho their debut was for the first and last time, because they were released into the wild by the participants on set!

Separately, in some of the mass scenes of the production, you can see part of the team and volunteers of the Wildlife Rescue

Center, who in addition to conservationists at heart, turned out to be not so bad extras!
And so, watch the movie “Botev” which will be on screen from the 3rd of March 2022!