Meet December’s, rescue centre bird of the month ......the amazing Bearded Vulture.

Meet December’s, rescue centre bird of the month ......the amazing Bearded Vulture.

In our aviaries we have two birds from this species. These are probably the most amazing creatures that have ever lived within the Rescue Center.

We can describe these birds as amazing; they are huge birds with enviable confidence.
Being on top of the food chain, Bearded Vultures behave like real "kings of the castle."

And speaking of them, there are several interesting points that are worth sharing.

Such as, the Bearded Vulture is the symbol of Bulgarian nature (note the strange bird, always accompanying information boards in parks or other protected areas). Paradoxically, right?
We have a symbol for conservation of a species that we have destroyed.

As mentioned above, the bearded vulture stands on top of the food pyramid. When we say at the top, we mean the absolute peak; feeding on what others "think" is useless like the bones of dead animals. Smaller bones the birds swallow whole, and for the bigger bones the bird will fly high in the sky and drop onto rocks to break them before devouring the now smaller pieces.

The Bearded Vultures we have at the Rescue Center have Austrian roots. They have Greek blood, which, in a direct and literal sense makes them closer to us by nature. They have been with us since 2008. It was then that the Green Balkans took the world Vulture card. Providing them to the Rescue Centre was a great gesture from our longtime friend, Hans Frey and his organization, but this was also a huge responsibility that we took on, because Bearded Vultures have not only disappeared from nature in Bulgaria. They are extremely rare worldwide. For years, environmentalists from across Europe have been working on reintroduction programs and captive breeding Bearded vultures. Programs that we hope we can join with our own contribution of hatched Bearded Vultures from the Rescue Centre.

Here you can find information about the Rescue Centre’s Bearded Vulture adoption program.

Each donor will receive a handmade and mounted picture made from entirely recycled materials.

For more information:
Christina Klisurova - Veterinarian
PR Rescue Center Wildlife
e-mail:; mobile phone: 0886570053

Photos: Darren Weeks