Internship at Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rescue Center

Internship at Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rescue Center

This summer, thanks to the project “Students and graduates’ practical training” of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Wildlife Rescue Centre opened its doors to young people willing to learn more about animals and environment protection, and become ambassadors for nature conservation among their acquaintances and friends.

The practical training involved 15 students from "Ivan P.Pavlov" Professional School of Veterinary Medicine - Stara Zagora, and 12 undergraduates from Thracia University - Stara Zagora, majoring in veterinary medicine and ecology. They got acquainted with the work of the team of the Rescue Centre and participated actively in all kinds of activities. The young people assisted enthusiastically with sanitation, as well as treatment, rehabilitation, breeding, and release of recovered wild animals.

While releasing patients of the Rescue Center into the wild, the interns visited interesting places, such as “Zlato Pole” Protected Site, “Central Balkan” National Park, etc.

In addition to their work at the Rescue Center, the interns visited and got acquainted with the field activities implemented by Green Balkans in various regions of the country.

One of these places was the Visitor Center at “Lake Pomorie” Protected Site. There, the young nature lovers had the chance to observe interesting species such as Black-winged Stilt, Kentish Plover, Little Tern, Common Tern, Sandwich Tern, Pied Avocet, and Common Shelduck, as well as to welcome dozens of tourists to the Visitor Center.

Another place the interns visited was the Sakar Mountain. There, in the village of Levka, they learnt about "Lesser Kestrel Recovery" LIFE 11 NAT/BG/360" project. Observing and feeding the birds in the adaptation aviary was only a small part of their duties. The students took part in the survey of suitable habitats for Lesser Kestrels and Imperial Eagles in the area. Later on, they were involved in deparasitation, examination, and transhumance of thirty horses (herd).

Another interesting destination was the village Tuzha, Central Balkan, and the project "Vultures Return in Bulgaria" LIFE08 NAT/BG/278. The project team showed the aviary accommodating the Griffon Vultures provided from Spain within the project. Moreover, the young people witnessed the tagging of a vulture with a transmitter and took part in the release of the bird.

At the end of the internship all participants organized a wonderful Eco action near the village of Tuzha. The event was implemented along with the placement of houses for songbirds and the clearing of the supplementary feeding site for vultures managed by Green Balkans. The interns combined their visit to the area with the transportation of the runt Griffon Vulture (K6W) that had been recovered at the Rescue Center, putting the bird into the adaptation aviary near the village of Tuzha.

We extend our sincerest thanks to our interns for their efforts and labor, for their willingness and eagerness, as well as for their wonderful initiatives.

Our doors are always wide open to you! Until next time!!!