International Youth Day – 12 August

International Youth Day – 12 August

By the invitation from the International Youth Centre in Stara Zagora and Stara Zagora Municipality, we celebrated the International Youth Day.

The event was opened with the releasing of three young Common Kestrels, raised in the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre. The birds successfully made their first flight in the sky of Stara Zagora – their new home.

Our new assistants again were Chara the Tawny Owl, Blaga the Little Owl and Misho the Common buzzard, birds with permanent disabilities, which stayed at the Centre, but with important mission.

The interactive puzzles about the vultures with information, real life models of the Black and the Griffon vulture, the Red-breasted goose, the Sandwich Tern and the Lesser Kestrels were small part of the Green Balkans programme.

The event was organized by the International Youth Centre Stara Zagora and Stara Zagora Municipality. Part of the programme were also the skate demonstrations and lessons from the Stara Zagora Skateboard Club, and with the addition of the Veliko Balabanov’s photo exhibition, the “Zahariy Knyazheski” Regional Library, the Centre for professional and personal development – Stara Zagora, the Centre for Career Guidance, “Don Bosko” Foundation, the “Sarnena gora” Tourist Organisation, the “Rodina” Library, the State Opera – Stara Zagora and Regional Historical Museum – Stara Zagora.