International Vultures Day

International Vultures Day

This year the celebration of the International Vultures Day was dedicated to the little black baby vulture, hatched in Kotel Balkan.

This has been the first black baby vulture hatched in Bulgaria since twenty-eight years.

The hatching was a result from many years of work from Green Balkans and other nature conservation organizations such as the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna, the Vultures Conservation Foundation (VCF), Society for Protection of Birds of Prey, Sinite Kamani Nature Park, Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park. A result from a group of enthusiasts who dared to dream and fight for their dreams, to look up to the sky and see how these majestic birds soar: the main characters of story: Black Vulture, Griffon, Egyptian and Bearded Vulture.

It was all about them these days when we celebrated the International Vultures Day in Sliven and Pomorie.

In a partnership with Sinite Kamani Nature Park we organized an event for students and teachers which was held in front of park’s building on Friday. Even though the school year has not yet started we had a presentation about the vultures in Bulgaria. The project “Bright future for the black vulture” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 manager Ivelin Ivanov  told interesting stories to the audience such as rescuing injured vultures, how in fact carrion is transported / the food for vultures/ to the feeding sites, how it used to happen in the past when no transport and feeding sites were available. Andreana Dicheva from Green Balkans Rescue Center for Wild Animals explained how vulture is being chased around Trakia highway at New Year ’s Eve and more interesting stories.

The celebration continued with a quiz with awards and the event finished with two interactive puzzles of the Black and Bearded vulture.

On Monday, the Unification Day of Bulgaria we celebrated the Vultures Day with the participants from Pomorie Brigade 2021. We had a presentation and puzzles again and talked about the daily challenge to fight about the vultures` return in Bulgaria.

The colleagues from the Fund of Wild Flora and Fauna together with a group from Traventuria – travel with a cause, observed the vultures in Kotel mountain.
The colleagues from Society for Protection of Birds of Prey together with a group of 21 people went for hiking to vultures observing spots in Vratsa Balkan. Equipped with fieldscopes they spotted 20 Griffon Vultures and 3 Black Vultures, true feast for the eyes :)