In the footsteps of the falcon!

In the footsteps of the falcon!

This year, for the first time, the Green Balkans team tagged with a satellite transmitter a young Saker Falcon hatched in the aviaries of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre!

The bird was released at the beginning of July from one of the adaptation aviaries as part of the activities of project "Saker Falcon Reintroduction in Bulgaria".

From then until today, the young falcon has made a series of remarkable journeys!

During its nearly month-long travels, the falcon visited Romania twice almost reaching Bucharest, Greece once by flying to Kavala, twice he was in Turkey close to Istanbul, and he also visited the eastern part of Serbia and the town of Dimitrovgrad .

But after each of its journeys it returned again to the area of the adaptation aviary from which it fledged!

The information this bird brings to our team is especially important.

As you know, thanks to the efforts of Green Balkans and everyone who supported us over the years, we were able to bring back the species to breed in our country after more than 20 years of absence! We have released 160 Saker Falcons, 125 of which hatched in the Rescue Centre's aviaries. We have been working on this for more than 15 years now. All released birds are ringed, however...

Finding a ringed bird in the wild is like looking for a needle in a haystack! The chance is so slim it borders on impossible. It takes an experienced ornithologist to spot such a bird, but also a lot of luck. So far, at the cost of a lot of time and effort, we have managed to observe with certainty no more than ten out of all these 160 released … Apart from the fact that we will be able to follow the falcon closely with the transmitter, it will also give us very useful information - where do the young birds migrate to and where are the preferred roosting and foraging places of the species.

The biggest hope of the Green Balkans team is that the young bird will lead us to new wild pairs of Saker Falcons that we have not been able to find yet. Whether it will be so - only time will tell!

The "Reintroduction of the Saker falcon in Bulgaria" project is funded by Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund and Armeec JSC.