Huan the vulture now has a new adopter and a transmitter!

Huan the vulture now has a new adopter and a transmitter!

Do you remember the first vultures hatched in Eastern Balkan Mountains last year? Here is the exciting story of one of them, which story you will be able to follow on our page very soon!
Huan the vulture was one of the five babies, hatched in Eastern Balkan Mountains in 2016, babies which marked the return of the species in the area after more than ten years of efforts of the Fund for wild flora and fauna and Green Balkans. The chicks were marked with rings and wing tags in June 2016, as Huan got wing tag H1, which helps us identify and monitor his adaptation and behavior. 

Huan received his name within a large campaign, organized in honor of our colleagues – international experts and friends, supporters and consultants for our vultures reintroduction program in Bulgaria. Ironically, Huan was named after our beloved colleague Huan Sanchez Artez, who, unfortunately, is no longer among us. This is why the story of Huan the vulture is exclusively santimental and interesting!

The first winter in Kotel turned out to be a great adventure for Huan and in January 2017, exhausted and starving, the bird was found in distress and was sent for rehabilitation in the Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center – Green Balkans in Stara Zagora: Soon after that Rob Baayens from the Dutch birding park Rob’s Vogelof  contacted us offering help and partnership. When we told him the story of Huan he suggested that they will put donation boxes and raise funds for the treatment and further care for the vulture. Fortunately, Huan recovered quickly. As he is a wild bird, hatched in the wild, our team doesn’t want to imprint him and make him dependant on people, we think that his place is in Eastern Balkan Mountains, where he will have the chance to discover new nesting and feeding places together with other vultures. For this reason on March 08, 2016 Huan started his journey back to the Balkan Mountains. Furthermore, to monitor his behavior and adaptation, the team of FWFF equipped Huan with special transmitter and very soon we, Rob and all of you will be able to track his movement in the wild.
We would like to sincerely thank Rob and all the visitors of the birding park, who are committed to Huan’s story and we promise to keep on taking care about him, be providing abundance of food regularly for the vultures in the area!

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