How to glue back the wing of a bat?

How to glue back the wing of a bat?

For an animal with an active flight like the bat a breaking like this usually proves lethal for it. In case the animal does not recover successfully from the trauma it will not be able to live in the wild and its rearing at a home either is not possible, or is a pathetic semblance of its actual existence.

Fixing a bat wing is a difficult task, because the bats fiercely bite and pull off their bandages and braces. The insertion of a surgical nail in the wing and conducting of osteosynthesis is not always possible; sometimes the wing is extremely delicate and there are no needles suitable to be inserted in it. The anesthesia and operation of such a small animal with a metabolism that is so active can be dangerous for its life. All this makes the treatment of broken bones of a bat wing a true challenge!

Here you can look at our most recent two cases and our battle to save two wings of two bats...

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