How could anyone shoot a pelican?

How could anyone shoot a pelican?

Our team is asking this question, just like probably you also do!

Unfortunately, we witnessed similar case these days. An juvenile White pelican, rescued by our colleagues from Burgas during the middle winter census more than a week ago was shot by poachers. Both wings and the body of the bird were damaged. The injuries of the wings are obvious, but we are not aware of the damages on the internal organs.

We will do our best to help the birds and release it back into the wild, though it is a difficult task.

We would like to thanк associate professor Galina Simeonova and Surgery department at Faculty of veterinary medicine, Trakia university for the cooperation and support, they always ready to give us!

Yes, they truly shoot pelicans in Burgas! But they also rescue the poachers’ victims! Which side do you choose?