Hailstorm in the Municipality of Dimovo, District of Vidin, crippled and killed many storks

Hailstorm in the Municipality of Dimovo, District of Vidin, crippled and killed many storks

Most prominent is the tragedy of the storks of the Dimovo Municipality, which got smashed by the ice chunks as big as chicken eggs in front of the helpless people. Whole nests with young storks before fledging collapsed under the weight of the ice chunks, while the birds inside were literally smashed. Many of them got killed, while the survivors bare horrifying fractures and swells. The people from several villages in Dimovo Municipality are wandering in search of survivor storks in the fields, as many of the adults are missing after the disaster, probably lying wounded in the nearby field.

Today the Wildlife Rescue Centre received the first batch of 7 birds, 1 adult female and 6 young, horribly smashed. Two of the young ones were already dead, with severe swells on their heads and bodies. The live ones have fractured wings and severe internal bleedings. Tomorrow the team will receive two more birds, yet the chances of the wounded ones decrease daily.

To be precise, we have to admit that hailstorms are a normal, natural event that always leaves casualties among wildlife. The tragedy of the storks is more evident as they live close to people and thus raises much of compassion. Otherwise such tragedies happen all the time in nature and there is no mercy for the casualties. It is important to note here that despite of the huge material damages caused by the hail, local people were significantly concerned about the birds as well.

The arrival of the storks happened thanks to the Dimovo Townhall and the Belgradchik Forestry Department. They did not do it to receive gratitude, yet… it is great that good people can still be found!

Liubomila Krivoshieva – Wildlife Rehabilitator
Wildlife Rescue Centre
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