Guests at the Wildlife Rescue Centre

Guests at the Wildlife Rescue Centre

The visitors were the pupils from the Nov Vek Primary School, Kirilovo Village.

The trip was inspired by the recently celebrated International Wetlands Day. This is why one of the topics we discussed was rivers, lakes, swamps and reservoirs and their role as home for wildlife.

We also talked about the sick wild animals we accept at the Rescue Centre, our programmes for restoring extinct species and how can everyone help preserve nature.

As usual, our young visitors were mostly excited to meet the birds in the Visitors’ Corner of the Wildlife Rescue Centre. Children could not only learn more about the species of the birds displayed and their struggle to survive, but also get to know the individual story of each of these birds. Children were naturally most fascinated with Luli the Tawny Owl, Oso the Honey Buzzard and Misho the Common Buzzard, as they could not only be seen, but also touched!

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