Green Balkans visited the Lesser Kestrel breeding centre of DEMA, Spain

Green Balkans visited the Lesser Kestrel breeding centre of DEMA, Spain

The visit was carried out within the Greater Chance for Lesser Kestrel in Bulgaria LIFE11 NAT/BG/360 Project, uniting Green Balkans, DEMA and EURONATUR in the restoration of this beautiful small falcon in our country.

The team of Green Balkans examined the Lesser Kestrel breeding aviaries, developed by our experienced colleague Pepe Antolin. They take into consideration the social character of these birds and imitate the conditions of a natural colony, at the same time allowing for constant observation and interference if needed. We also examined the special Lesser Kestrel nesting boxes designed to prevent small mammals or other birds from accessing the eggs or chicks.

Our colleagues and friends also brought us to the roof of the local church of Almendralejo. It has been designated a SPA in accordance with the EU Birds Directive, as it hosts a colony of about 80 pairs of Lesser Kestrels! This impressive figure is only due to the efforts of our partners from DEMA and their volunteers who have placed several types of artificial nest boxes, providing home of the noisy colony. The nest boxes are placed so that they cannot be spotted from the ground, so they do not spoil the overall architecture of the magnificent building. In addition to that, with the blessing of the local priest and the local police, our colleagues have placed a camera, allowing for direct observation of the inhabitants of the roof.

Inspired by that fascinating work, the support of the local institutions, the kids and the volunteers, we believe that with the help of the tremendous experience and passion of our colleagues from DEMA we will manage to restore the Lesser Kestrel in Bulgaria!

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