Green Balkans received a huge donation and support from the SiteGround hosting company!

Green Balkans received a huge donation and support from the SiteGround hosting company!

Green Balkans received a valuable technological donation in the form of hosting services for the period of 5 years, disk space of up to 120 GB, as well as hosting services from the SiteGround company.

Such support is extremely important for a non-governmental organization like Green Balkans.

Most of the funding we receive for our work comes from project funding, which is kind of a ‘random event’ in the meaning that we cannot be absolutely certain that our projects will be approved. This doesn’t allow NGOs like us to perform the priority activities for the organization and for the community or to cover their needs. Project funding often does not include hosting expenses, car and machinery repairs, stationary and other consumables and services that are indispensable for the project running. This makes such non-campaign support extremely important and invaluable for our organization and also supports our public relations and public accounting /we achieve through our websites and the social media/.

Another interesting thing is the way SiteGround have chosen to support our organization. The company gives its employees worldwide the opportunity to present a charity organization or a cause of their choice, that they know well and believe in, to receive the free hosting. This makes it not just a corporative donation, aimed at good PR and advertising, but a personally motivated choice by someone who knows our organization well and follows our activities and who is working at the company’s Bulgarian office. We are extremely happy and honored to have such a partner, that believes in its employers and their social choice and is ready to stand with its expertise behind the causes they believe in.
SiteGround is one of the largest independent hosting companies in the world with over 500 employees and a growing influence in the hosting services sphere. The employees process more than 1500 tickets, 1000 telephone calls and over 3000 chat requests in a single day. The company hosts more than 2 000 000 domains and the number increases literally every hour. They have more than 400 employees in 3 offices in different cities in Bulgaria.