Green Balkans at Uzana Polyana Fest 2023.

Green Balkans at Uzana Polyana Fest 2023.

This year as well, we were participants in the eco-festival Uzana Poliana Fest, held in the Uzana area near Gabrovo city. The eighth edition of the festival took place from July 21st to 23rd, 2023, and we from Green Balkans welcomed festival visitors at an information booth where they could obtain information and materials about endangered species, the return of which the organization is working towards.

Additionally, we had with us the birds from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center – Vladko the Black Vulture and Haris the Buzzard. Visitors could take photos with them as a memory and learn interesting facts about their way of life and physiology, why they got injured, and why they remain in our care.

The team of the "Life for the Falcon" project, along with a group of enthusiastic Green Balkans volunteers, greeted everyone with a smile, explaining to visitors how to identify the species in the wild, what Falcons eat, and why it's important to conserve them and have them in the Bulgarian nature.

With our younger visitors, we arranged an interactive puzzle game about endangered species, and all participants received stickers and informational leaflets  about the species as rewards.

The most beloved part for everyone, of course, was the release of 6 Lesser Kestrels into the wild, which we set free together with many of the festival attendees. They soared into the sky above Uzana.

We thank for the invitation and the wonderful organization of the festival!

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