Green Balkans as guests of “Sinchets” Kindergarden in the town of Troyan

Green Balkans as guests of “Sinchets” Kindergarden in the town of Troyan

Green Balkans team visited the children from the "Sinchets" kindergarten in the town of Troyan on October 20th.

Together with the team were the faithful friends of the center - the tawny owl - Chara and the Kestrel - Vladko. The children were of different ages and all quite curious. They, for example, understood that wild animals should not be looked after at home, how did Chara and Vladko come to us, and why we need to continue to care for them, and not just leave them in nature, and more other interesting things about wild animal life.

The children also joined the campaign to mark the International Bat Night by making a puzzle with bats while talking about them. We also used the occasion to distribute educational materials to help teach children in a more interesting way, telling them about saker falcons, red-breasted geese, bats, vultures and cetaceans in Bulgaria.

We thank the team of "Sinchets" Kindergarten for the invitation and the opportunity to enrich the children's knowledge as well.

Colleagues from the Green Balkans Wild Animal Rescue Center also took part in the event, under the project: "Life for Falcons" (LIFE20 NAT/BG/001162).

Polya Toncheva - Green Balkans
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The "Securing the recovery of the endangered Saker Falcon in Bulgaria and Southern Romania" (LIFE20 NAT/BG/001162)  project is of 5 years duration and has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union.