Gosho the Pelican joint its flock

Gosho the Pelican joint its flock


Unlike the rest White Pelicans, which are typically quite aggressive and immediately run away from people after release, Gosho decided to postpone its flight for after a bath. The bird was happily splashing water at the shore being in a rush for nowhere. We actually started to worry if the bird could actually fly when a big flock of Pelicans appeared over the Reservoir. This was the “START” signal for Gosho, who spread his enormous wings and joint his kind.
Gosho was fortunate enough to survive a collision with a power line with a temporary feet-paresis which would have actually lead to his death had he not received medical treatment. Once forced to stay on the ground he would have become a victim of predators the very same night. Furthermore, without medical treatment, the consequences of the electric shock would have killed him anyway.
In most cases power line collisions and short-circuits caused by birds perching on electric poles are lethal for birds. Electricity power of several thousands of volts causes severe burnings or instant death, depending on how the bird touched the facilities. The wires cannot be isolated, but electric poles can. There are accessible and cheap ways to isolate the facilities and prevent birds from perching on the most dangerous ones. The Power-Supply companies can probably afford such an investment in the nature of Bulgaria. Interested citizens can also initiate such changes and help these companies. Where there is a wish, there is a way.

We would like to express once again our gratitude to Mr.Radicko Nedkov, chairman of Novoselec village hunting society. It wouldn't had been possible for us to receive the pelican in the Rescue Center and help it without his assistance.

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