Good news for the rescued White-tailed eagles!

Good news for the rescued White-tailed eagles!

You probably remember that a Green Balkans team rescued two White-tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) after a massive storm that knocked down their nest in late May this year! Since then the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center has been their second home.

Today, after a prophylactic examination it was confirmed that the two birds are in excellent condition!
The best news is that the eagle found with a broken pelvic bone is already on its feet thanks to the surgery it underwent in the Department of Surgery at the University of Thrace. Not only that, but overcoming the shock of trauma and the ensuing surgery, the young eagle is already feeding by itself!

Just to be safe, however, the eagle stayed in intensive care for a few additional days under the supervision of the Center's veterinary specialists.

The other little eagle is already in an aviary house at the Center, which is the bird's first step to freedom!
We express our sincere gratitude towards associate professor Chapazov for the competent and timely help that saved a feathered life!