Good news for the bearded vulture hatched at the Rescue Center in 2019

Good news for the bearded vulture hatched at the Rescue Center in 2019

These days, wonderful news reached us! The bearded vulture, which hatched at the Rescue Center of Green Balkans in 2019 and was sent for release in Italy back then, is alive, healthy and... already has a life partner!

This became clear a few days ago when colleagues from the Vercors Natural Park, the bird's current home, told us the good news.


Pamela, as the vulture was named, chose the currently unknown male last year, probably hatched in 2017 in the wild. The two, together, built their first nest back then, but due to their young age and lack of experience, they failed to reproduce.


This year, according to colleagues, the birds are building a home again. This time the place is much more favourable, and the preparations have already started at the beginning of November.


Our fingers are crossed for the young family and we hope to be even happier with even better news later in the year!


We remind you that Green Balkans and, in particular, the Rescue Center for Wild Animals, is part of a large-scale European initiative for the return of the bearded vulture to the old continent. Each year, birds hatched under this program are released to where the program currently operates.


We hope that, very soon, we will be able to boast of the first activities for the return of the species in our country!