Give a different gift this Christmas 2013

Give a different gift this Christmas 2013

If you are struggling to think of something to give a relative or loved one this year we would like to suggest something out of the ordinary and dispense with the usual unnecessary and often unwanted items and give something thought provoking and meaningful.

Adopt an injured wild animal!

Share in our vision with natural handmade gifts and bring to life the stories of various wild animals.

By being unconventional you will delight and surprise someone close to you whilst your generosity will help an animal in need.

Let us make this holiday season a time to show we care.

For every 40 lev donation we receive we will give one of our special Christmas cards that have been hand made by young enviromentalists from classes 111d and 111e at the PR Slevejkev School in Stara Zagora.

Hurry, Christmas is nearly here.

HERE you can see all the wild birds in our adoption program.