Free again

Free again


n the company of people from the area and volunteers, the eagle flew away from the hands of Todor Mitkov, a local Green Balkans associate for many years. The bird arrived at the Rescue Center in need of treatment a year ago with more than ten pellets in its trunk and broken right wing. The wing recovered but the pellets will remain within its trunk for good. Despite all that, the bird demonstrated a spirit to fight as well as desire and strength to live.

The land tortoises in their turn were confiscated at the end of last year from different private collectors from all over the country. They spent their winter hibernation within the Rescue Center and now, awake and with new strength, they headed back to wild nature. Before that, however, they were conscientiously marked under an established methodology and after consultation with our colleagues from the “Gea Chelonia” Foundation.

We wish all animals a successful return to wild nature!

Hristina Klisurova – Veterinary at the Wildlife Rescue Center
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