For the harvest and the birds

For the harvest and the birds

Harvest has come! With that, however, came the problems of the Montagu's harrier!

You ask, what do they have in common? Well, they have a lot! These birds make their nests in wheat and barley fields, right on the ground. Unfortunately, when it comes time to harvest, the young are not yet ready to fly.

They often fall victim to machines.

Fortunately, people often notice them before the fatal end, so we manage to save them!

This is what happened yesterday, during a harvest in the land of the village of Elenovo, Nova Zagora municipality. Thanks to the people who saved four young birds and called us!

Our team is always ready to assist in such cases. We hope to be able to save more birds together. Because the Montagu's harrier, besides being very cute, is also a super useful bird that helps by feeding on mice and other enemies in agriculture.