Farewell to Lily…

Farewell to Lily…

All the feathery, hairy and prickly patients of the Green Balkans’ Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center are important and deserve to receive the best care.

However, some of the birds in the Center are with history. Birds of the same age as the Center. They’ve been with us from the very foundation and have become witnesses of all the difficulties, challenges and success.
One of them was the Long-legged Buzzard Lily. Unfortunately, recently Lily died!

Lily was 22 years old. She was transferred to the rescue center in 1996 from Sofia zoo. She had been found with fluffy plumage in the wild and has been raised by the team of the zoo. She has been living there for a long time with partner, but although she laid several eggs through the years, she never made it to produce brood, because she was an imprint… Lili was definitely keen on males, but human males! One of her favourites were Ivailo and Darren!

\Thus, one of the symbolic species of the Rescue center is gone! The bird Lily, friend of the men in the Center. She and her story helped thousands of children learn about her species, to meet the wild nature and to understand why it is important for the chicks to be raised by their parents, but not captured from the wild!

Fly free Lily, wherever you are!