Experience exchange in breeding Black vultures

Experience exchange in breeding Black vultures

Foreign experts in rearing and breeding Black vultures visited the Green Balkans’ Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center.

Last week, right after the official event Black Vulture First Release in Bulgaria, three of the guests of the event Matthieu Marc and Olivier Vercauteren from the Belgian zoo  Planckendael and Laurent Marc Simon from the French zoo Parc des Oiseaux visited the Green Balkans’ Wildlife rehanilitation and breeding center with the purpose of experience exchange and close examination with the activities of the Center. Besides the release site, they were also interested to get to know the Center, where the activities of project “Bright future for the Black vulture” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649.
The experts examined the breeding cages and the incubation room and they were especially impressed by the surveillance cameras, providing twenty-four-hour access to the vultures in the Center, as well as to the birds in the adaptation aviary in the Central Balkan.

Contacts with international experts in breeding Black vultures are extremely important for Bulgaria and the Green Balkans’ team, which is still gaining experience in rearing this rare species.

Huge thanks to Olivier and Laurent – keepers of the parental pairs of the two juvenile Black vultures hacked in Kotel Balkan. Olivier has also been taking care of the foster parents of the chick from the French zoo, which was significant for its survival.