Expect Science Night - GREEN in Muzeiko

Expect Science Night - GREEN in Muzeiko


On November 25, Muzeiko invites you to its autumn edition Science Night - GREEN! from 19:15 to 23:15. We from Zeleni Balkani will be there and have prepared surprises for you!

The participation of Green Balkans is related to the use of technical means in the conservation programs for Vultures, Saker Falcons, Lesser Kestrels and Dolphins.We have prepared a surprise for you, we will bring our “wild ambassadors” - permanently disabled birds that we cannot return to the wild, but have become our friends and ambassadors in educational campaigns.

The hosts have prepared a very interesting program:

  •  To meet the young enthusiasts from FoodObox - and their innovative application, with which you can both enjoy a variety of delicious food, and at the same time - fight against its waste...
  •  WIN-WIN- join the FoodObox QUIZ and you can also win a TASTY BOX - SURPRISE!
  •  Make yourself a special gift - FoodObox will show you how to make an Eco-friendly scrub - for nature-saving beauty rituals!

 Stefan from the team of Muzeiko is waiting for you to participate in QUIZ - GREEN...

  • Come with a team or join in on the spot and HAVE FUN on a green theme!


  •  CODE RED IN THE BLACK SEA – the most warming of the European seas!!! Asst. Prof. D-r Elisaveta Peneva will tell us about the reasons for and consequences of this.
  •  ТАКЕ – А – LOOK BACK IN TIME together with Asst. Prof. D-r Petar Evtimov, who will be our time-spacial guide and help us imagine what changes the Earth has gone trough.
  •  We eat regularly JUNK – and the consequences remain for the grandchildren.?!? Is this possible? The answer is “YES!”. “Why and what happens on the GENETIC LEVEL, when we eat unhealthy” will learn from Asst. Prof. D-r Milena Georgieva. 


More information about the event, HERE.

For additional information you can address to:
Elena Stoeva – Manager of the project “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons”
mobile: +359 8875734699, e-mail:
Polya Toncheva – Coordinator of the project
mobile: +35994059156, e-mail: