Eli the Falcon has an own Facebook page!

Eli the Falcon has an own Facebook page!


In the spring of 2010 three women from Sofia contacted the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans. Drinking their coffee on the terrace they witnessed a weird thing – a wild bird perching on the ground, which got trapped under a cardboard box by a worried man. Our three women immediately chased after the man to rescue the bird. Surprised, the man rushed and forgot to take his cardboard box and the bird. She had jesses and a hand-made falsified ring. After a brief consultation with the team of the Centre, the rescuers fed their weird discovery with fresh meat. It turned out she was really hungry and had no fear for people. The next day Eli arrived in the Centre.

Here, it was identified that Eli is a very rare Eleonora’s Falcon (Falco eleonore) and the thorough examination showed her condition was not good at all. The bird not only looked bad, it also had a severe bacterial infection. She was successfully treated but she will stay in the Centre for good as she is so used to people she will never be able to survive on her own. We suppose that the man kept Eli to try to use her for falconry.

Eleonora's Falcons have disappeared as nesting in Bulgaria, mostly because of nest robberies for illegal trade abroad.

We therefore reach the Facebook page of Eli and the initiative “Let’s return Eli’s children into the wild!”. This initiative was set up by a group of enthusiasts, lead by the rescuers of Eli. But instead of telling you more about it, why don’t you see it for yourselves!

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