One of the main aims of the Wildlife Rescue Centre’s team is to contribute for development and establishment of the environmental education for the youth as target group as well as for all people that have attitude for the nature protection.

Visits of the Centre - Recommended time for visit 11 – 17

Since its founding in 1992 the Rescue Centre has established as a centre for young people – friends and protectors of the nature. Years later the Centre is preferred place for visit by schoolchildren and students. Averagely more than 2000 – 3000 visitors come to the Centre and learn more about the rich avifauna of Bulgaria, the work of the Rescue Centre and GREEN BALKANS Ngo in general. The visitors have the unique opportunity to touch the wild animals and find out about the reasons for their stay in the Rescue Centre. This makes the Rescue Centre a key place for environmental education and training together with its important role for biodiversity conservation of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. In this way one of the Centre’s main missions is implemented – change in the people’s thinking – the biggest investment for nature conservation. 
All year round the doors of that unique for Bulgaria place are open to everybody who wants to visit us.  Contact persons – Dr Hristina Klisurova.

In the Centre can be organized lectures and discussions on nature conservation topics as well as lessons to schoolchildren and students in environmental studies. For such initiatives it is advisable to contact us at least seven working days before the event. For more information, please call. Contact persons – Dr. Hristina Klisurova.

Activities for promotion and presentations

The presentations about the Wildlife Rescue Centre’s activity and the organisation’s activities are part of GREEN BALKANS educational activities. Our specialists have developed a series of presentations, films and printed materials covering different aspects of our work and the nature conservation in general. The aim of those materials is to raise the public awareness and attract more collaborators in the work for conservation of the rich natural heritage of Bulgaria. This makes us desired guests in many schools and universities – from the first school bell to the start of the summer vacation. 
If you would like us to be your guests please contact us. Contact person – Dr. Hristina Hristova

Training workshops and seminars

As a specialized unit of the Green Balkans activities the Rescue centre has the aim to train and develop specialists in different areas of healing, rehabilitation and breeding of wild animals. The main target groups in that direction are vets, with interests in treatment of wild animals and biologists keeping and studying the behaviour of wild animals in captivity. Until now the Rescue Centre has participated in establishment and development of network of specialists in rehabilitation of wild animals on the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Very often our specialists are invited and participate in international forums and conferences directed at healing and rehabilitation of wild animals, captive breeding and programs for recovery and support of species that are extinct in the wild. After 2000 the Rescue Centre organized a series of workshops for the network of volunteer collaborators from the whole country related to first aid and rehabilitation of wild animals. Such workshops are planned to be held annually with the aim to develop that network. Our specialists often consult the 15 Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Waters (RIOEW) within the structure of the Ministry of Environment and Waters (MOEW) in receiving signals for found wild animals in distress.