Eagle healing in the Wildlife Rescue Center wintering in the Nile Delta

Eagle healing in the Wildlife Rescue Center wintering in the Nile Delta

Unfortunately, as we have already informed you, the Long-legged Buzzard Teo and the Eagle Owl Ashkan were found dead, and we have got no data yet from the transmitter mounted on the Short-toed Eagle Zmiyun. To our great regret, we cannot guess what has happened to this bird.

As to the Lesser Spotted Eagle Krea that was released early in September in the area of “Zlato pole” Protected Site, after a two-year stay at the Rescue Center, waiting for the tail feathers to re-grow, we can still locate the bird in the release site. Considering the data from the transmitter, Krea has not adapted enough to migrate. However, more than 40 days after the release, the bird’s behavior shows that Krea survives in the wild. We really hope it will gain enough strength to live through the cold winter in the south.

Another patient of the Rescue Center, the Lesser Spotted Eagle Boril that was released in late July in the Eastern Rhodopes, first stayed in the vicinities of Straldzha. Green Balkans’ team identified the region as a pre-migration congregation area for tens of Lesser Spotted Eagles.
What is interesting here is Boril’s background. The bird was received at the Rescue Center early in June with a Lithuanian ring. It was extremely exhausted and weak, probably due to migration.

So, on September 13th, almost a month and a half after the release, the great autumn migration of the bird began, taking it to Cairo.
During its long journey, Boril crossed the Bosphorus and then the central part of Turkey. It flew along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and is now found in the Nile delta in Egypt. For almost 30 days’ migration, the eagle has passed more than 2,393 km. Boril stayed for a couple of days in the area of Turkey and the Suez Canal and, currently, in the Nile Delta. In our opinion, these are roosting and foraging areas, where it can gain new strength for the long trip. The average flight speed is 40-50 km per hour, and the average altitude – 450 m.

We are eagerly awaiting further news and surprises from Boril.

Within the project activities, this month we are going to release three more birds. The new characters in our future stories are two Eagle Owls rehabilitated at the Rescue Center, already accommodated in an acclimatization aviary in “Balgarka” Nature Park, and the White Pelican called Ruzha – known from the Rescue Center’s campaign “Help from a friend”.

Be ready for more news soon!!!
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