Eagle Owls in the wild after a successful rehabilitation therapy

Eagle Owls in the wild after a successful rehabilitation therapy


Two of them were found injured and helpless. Most probably they were hit by vehicles. The result was one bird with a broken wing and head trauma, and another one with a sprained wing. The third bird was found extremely exhausted and full of parasites.

The three patients underwent a long therapy with no guarantee for success.
What makes the treatment of Eagle Owls even more difficult is the risky caretaking of such strong birds. The everyday manipulations were not so tricky while the patients were still weak and exhausted, but when they recovered and grew stronger it was quite challenging.

Being so close to these magnificent raptors feels incredible! The strength of their big bodies is astonishing, and the wingspan is stunning. Contrary to the widely held view that they are ferocious animals, Eagle Owls are not aggressive to humans. They attack people only as a last resort. However, their relationships with other animals are quite different. It is hard to escape the attack of an Eagle Owl.

Our three youngsters are now safe and sound, surviving in the wild. We took the Eagle Owls to a carefully selected habitat that would secure mild winter and plentiful food. The birds left the transportation boxes, had a look around, flapped their huge wings and disappeared in the dark.

The recovery of these wonderful creatures wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of those touched by their poor condition that sent the birds to the Rescue Center or the assistance of our colleagues from the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW). We express our most sincere gratitude to Mr. Ayhan Rafim (Dolno Voyvodino village, Haskovo District) and our colleagues from the RIEWs of Haskovo and Blagoevgrad!

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