Dozens of hunters participated in the “Saker falcon workshop”

Dozens of hunters participated in the “Saker falcon workshop”

On October 20, NLRS-SLRB organized a seminar for the currently implemented project "Life for Falcons".

The seminar was attended by members of the hunting and fishing associations from Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora, Dryanovo, Svishtov, Bolyarovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Kotel, Godech, Tryavna, Aytos and Razgrad, many students from the Trakia University, who debated with environmentalists the possibilities for the protection of raptor birds.

Anton Stamenov and Dimitar Gradinarov from BSPB introduced the participants to the current status of the saker falcon in our country and the main threats to the species - the use of poisonous baits, poaching, the robbing of the nests by egg collectors.

Only two pairs of peregrine falcons live freely in the wild nature of our country, it became clear from the data Hristina Klisurova provided from the Wildlife Rescue Center of "Green Balkans". Another 11 breeding pairs live in the center, every year about 20 birds of the species are released in nature.

The big attraction in the hall was the 29-year-old falcon Romeo, who calmly landed on the hand of Rusko Petrov from "Green Balkans".

All participants in the seminar were given the pocket format of "Help for the hunter. Birds" a joint work compiled and published by NLRS-SLRB and BSPB.

NLRS-SLRB was represented by the expert Lyubomir Stefanov and the organization's legal advisor Maria Kubadinska.

"Through the participation of the National Organization in the project, we hope to contribute to increase the awareness and information in the hunting circles about the critical threat of the saker falcon on the territory of the country - said Stefanov. - We trust that, as always, hunters will provide assistance and support for the preservation of the species, since we are the ones who, in addition to the use of permitted game species, also take care of its management by carrying out activities of displacement, feeding and maintenance of suitable habitats for the wild animals.'

The "Securing the recovery of the endangered Saker Falcon in Bulgaria and Southern Romania" (LIFE20 NAT/BG/001162)  project is of 5 years duration and has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union.