Celebrities at the Rescue Center

Celebrities at the Rescue Center


For almost a year now Maria has been a friend of the Rescue Center. Last summer Maria Ilieva brought a baby Magpie to the Center. Later on Maria and her colleagues joined our big family of adoptive parents.

Maria wanted to help one of the birds of the successfully breeding Eagle Owl pair. CRISTA and B.O.Y.A.N. chose the Black Stork and the Imperial Eagle as their favorites. Our new friends met the birds on March 1st – the day that is the herald of spring.

The celebrity guests had the chance to get closely acquainted with Gruyo – the White Pelican, who was in the limelight as usual, and won the hearts of the three guests.

The adopted birds and the guests were given martenitsas, and the new adoptive parents promised to visit and get themselves regularly informed of their favorites.