Blue summer at Rodina Library’s Children's Department

Blue summer at Rodina Library’s Children's Department

Here is our last activity for this summer at Rodina Library’s Children's Department!

We hope that we have been able to win your hearts with the thrill of loving nature and caring for wild animals in the past ten weeks. For ten weeks time, you learned why bats are beneficial, what species of vultures were there in Bulgaria and which ones exist today. You learned a bit about some types of falcons such as Saker Falcon and Lesser Kestrel. You found out that the Red-breasted Goose, a globally endangered species, prefers to winter in Bulgaria and how our colleagues from the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center help wild animals to recover and work to restore the birds that have disappeared from our country. We have played various games related to the biodiversity of our country, read books and sorted puzzles, and together with some of you we released a number of rehabilitated kestrels, storks and ducks at the Wildlide Center.

Dear children, thank you for being so inquisitive and wonderful, your curious little eyes are giving us the energy to move forward with our mission. We wish that you won’t forget about us and that we will see each other again in the near future!
Good luck and see you soon!

The activity is part of the “Blue Summer with Green Balkans” project, made possible by the Stara Zagora Public Donation Fund.