Birds are also returning to the Lesser Kestrel's colony in Stara Zagora

Birds are also returning to the Lesser Kestrel's colony in Stara Zagora

After the Sakar village of Levka, the Lesser Kestrels returned to Stara Zagora!

The "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team of the Green Balkans Rescue Centre made us happy with this news a few days ago.

A male appeared first in the area of ​​the colony. Interestingly, he holds the championship for 2021, when, however, appearing much earlier, he was in the company of a lady.
A few days after its appearance, our team is happy with the presence of a second bird of the same sex! And, a little later, we saw three kestrels circling over the Rescue Center.

Meanwhile, our team undertook to clean and inspect all artificial nests placed in the area of ​​the Rescue Center, potential homes of wild Lesser kestrel families.
As you know, the Lesser kestrels are migratory birds. They spend the winter in Africa and return home in the spring to raise their offspring.

The colony in Stara Zagora is brand new. Created a year ago, thanks to the efforts of the Green Balkans team. Last year we counted only 4-5 couples. The colony is part of our activities to return the species to Bulgaria and a natural continuation of our long-term work in this direction.

We remind you that at the moment we know of only three Lesser kestrel colonies in Bulgaria - in the village of Levka, on the territory of Lukoil Neftochim Burgas and near the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center!
All birds registered so far in the Center are hatched and released near the Green Balkans Rescue Centre.