Bat-woman in the surgery room

Bat-woman in the surgery room

The surgery had numerous difficulties, starting from the fact that there are no such small needles and tools and ending with anesthesia, the effects of which are not too clear on a bat of barely 20 grams.

Therefore, the surgeon had to unleash his fantasy and adjust tools and consumables. So far so good, yet our biting patient simply did not want to fall asleep even after an enormous dose of anesthetic, starting to seriously worry us. We finally reached as dose capable of putting a small cat to sleep and then the bat finally gave up.
Literally stuck to the surgery table, the brave bat endured the examination of the wounded tissues and woke up from anesthesia fine. Our main challenge now is if she is going to feed properly to survive.

This is the second unique such operation of a bat for Bulgaria, carried out in the Wildlife Rescue Centre. The operation was completed by Dr. Ivan Ivanov. In the beginning of the year we informed you about the first such surgery, carried out by Dr. Slavi Tsekov, who operated on a bat of the same species. As the surgery was carried out in the winter, when bats are typically asleep, the patient refused to feed after the operation and despite the therapy, died some 10 days after the intervention. We hope that this problem is now going to be handled for the best.

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