Balkan Green Belt 2017 Photo Competition Results.

Balkan Green Belt 2017 Photo Competition Results.

39 photographers took part in the photo competition, and sent 106 photos in total.

39 participants send 106 photographs in total, and “Green Balkans” decided to award all of them first price.
The participants in this year’s Balkan Green Belt photo competition, produced photos of different parts of the Green Belt in Bulgaria. Landscapes, photos of animals and plant life from Strandzha, Sakar, Rhodopi, Belasitsa, Western Stara Planina and other areas presenting the beautiful nature of the Green Belt. Some of the more curious photos may be seen here.

Considering the huge interest and participation by all the photographers, the Competition organizers from Green Balkans and BBF, made the decision to award all the participants the first price in the category that they participated in:

Category “Amateurs”: Red-breasted goose photo album.

Category “Children (under 18 years)”: “Pomorie Lake Magic” jigsaw puzzle and “The adventures of Brent, the Red-breasted goose”.

Category “Professionals”: “The Magic of Pomorie Lake” photo album.

Every participant will receive a Diploma for sending photographs in the photo competition, as well as additional awards in form if Tourist guides and map of Belasitsa park – provided by Bulgaria Biodiversity Foundation.

We kindly ask all the participants to contact us in order to determine the exact details in receiving their awards.

For further information:
Gradimir Gradew – Green Balkans, mob: +359 885 609289
Radostina Tsenova – BBF, mob: +359 896 798908