Autumn at the Wildlife Rescue Centre

Autumn at the Wildlife Rescue Centre

Some of them will head along long and dangerous bird migratory routes. We would expect them to return back in spring. Some of them will survive the thousands of challenges on the way, others, however, won’t. Such is life.

Some of them will spend the winter here, waiting for the soft spring sunshine. Their first winter won’t be easy as well – they will face people and their activities.

…and now the Rescue Centre has gotten deserted. Silent. Time for drawing balance and preparing the forthcoming winter. Experience has thaught us winter is though for wildlife in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, not only weather is to blame, but also people. More of the animals arriving here have been injured by poachers, hit by cars or wind turbines, poisoned or electrocuted and only few are starving and freezing.

This is why, sending off summer and preparing for the winter, the team of the Rescue Centre wishes to remind everyone we are all a part of our environment, dependent and connected with it. If we are destroying our habitat, slowly but surely we are destroying ourselves. And one day we will also disappear. This won’t make Earth a better or a worse place. It will continue to exist. The only ones lost would be us – people.

Hristina Klisurova
PR, veterinarian – Wildlife Rescue Centre; phone: +359 86570053