Another protected species has fallen victim to poachers

Another protected species has fallen victim to poachers


The eagle was found in the outskirts of the town of Burgas, situated under one of Europe’s biggest bird migration routes - Via Pontica.

The bird was received on October 2nd. Its right wing was broken as there were clearly visible gunshot wounds caused by numerous ball-shots. The injured wing is in a very bad condition and the bird will never fly again.

Unfortunately, this case is not an exception. As we announced earlier, a wounded Osprey with 12 ball-shots in the body was received at Green Balkans’ Rescue Center last week. From the beginning of the hunting season (mid-August) till October 2nd, 83 wild birds were received for treatment at the Wildlife Rescue Center. Thirteen of these cases have been proven as poacher’s shooting. Some of the wounded birds had lots of ball-shots in their bodies. All individuals belonged to species protected by the Bulgarian legislation – Eagles, Herons, Egrets, and Owls.

We would like to remind you that at present the Parliament are considering the Bill for Supplements and Amendments to the Hunting and Game Protection Act at second reading.

One of the proposed amendments provides for the extension of the hunting season for waterfowl species, shifting the closing date from January 31st to February 28th. This contradicts to the requirements of the Birds Directive, the Biological Diversity Act, as well as the Bern and Bonn Conventions ratified by Bulgaria.