And now the field activities of the 2015

And now the field activities of the 2015 "Return of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria" project come to an end

Earlier this week saw the final visit for 2015 by team members of the Saker Falcon project.

On this visit they removed surveillance cameras and emptied the Hack cages of branches and foliage that had created comfort for the chicks, gathered cables and finally moved the caravan that had housed the workers monitoring the birds to her new temporary home - the yard of the Rescue Center.

Now we have left only the feeding platforms that will help to shelter the young Sakers before they start on their migration.

And now? Well, we will wait for them to return again in the spring, and possibly not alone but with a partner. And the forest that was their home until now will hopefully become the home of their children.
May the wind be with you are little feathered friends.

The "Return of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria" performed by Green Balkans and the International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd. with the support of research and conservation program of the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi and Armeec.