An Eagle Owl back home

An Eagle Owl back home

The birds were set free before the eyes of schoolchildren from the village of Ustrem and the town of Topolovgrad.

The Eagle Owl, called Ustrem, has an interesting story. In mid-July, the bird was sent from this very region to be treated at the Wildlife Rescue Center, since both wings of the bird were injured. Ustrem was rescued by local people and, thanks to the assistance of Topolovgrad Municipality, represented by Mrs. Georgieva, Municipal Ecologist, transported to the Rescue Center. For some five months the Eagle Owl was completely recovered.

Besides being Ustrem’s home, the release site and the region of the village in general, as well as Topolovgrad Municipality, belong to NATURA 2000 Ecological Network.

The territory falls within Sakar SPA BG 0002021, a site designated for the conservation of wild birds and their habitats.

The bird was tagged with a GPS/GSM transmitter to enable the monitoring of Ustrem’s adaptation to its natural environment and habitat.

The release of the protected birds and the promotion of wildlife conservation among local people were done within Lesser Kestrel Recovery, LIFE11 NAT/BG/360, since the project area comprises Topolovgrad Municipality as a part of Sakar SPA.

The commitment demonstrated by the local administration represented by the Municipality and the Mayor – Mr. Bozhinov, gives us hope that we will meet successfully the challenge of drawing public attention to the conservation of rare and protected species and their habitats.

For further information, please contact:
Gradimir Gradev, Project Manager
Mobile: +359 885 609 289

Hristina Klisurova, Veterinarian, PR
Wildlife Rescue Center
Mobile: +886 570 053