Breeding programme


Saker Falcon - The Central Laboratory for General Ecology (CLGE) at the Bulgarian Academy of Science has been leading a project for research and conservation of Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) in Bulgaria for the past four years. In 2007 Green Balkans got actively involved in the viability study for the potential reintroduction of Saker falcons in Bulgaria, after the field work had found no nesting pairs in the country. The team of the Rescue Center established close collaboration with the International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd and CLGE in the planning and development of the part concerning the potential captive breeding of birds and their further release. Within this partnership two volunteers of Green Balkans exchanged practical experience with the specialized falcon breeding centre in Wales, UK.
The results of the field studies and the practical work are published in the current document “Saker Falcon Reintroduction in Bulgaria. Viability Study.”, developed within the requirements of IUCN.
Saker Falcon Reintroduction in Bulgaria - Feasibility Study 3 Mb (pdf) download