About the Fortune of Fremuth the Cineresous Vulture

About the Fortune of Fremuth the Cineresous Vulture

The well-known bird tagged Fremut, famous for its travels across Europe, has been found in Romania in a helpless state, vomiting blood. Teams from Timișoara University and our partners from the Milvus Group have been sent simultaneously to rescue the bird. They have been provided with a contact phone number for veterinary consultations with the Wildlife Rescue Centre - Green Balkans. Stay tuned for further information.

What we know so far...
Fremuth was found near the village of Dragova in Romania, in poor condition. She was discovered by a biologist from Timișoara University and three students, as well as by volunteer Sain Nicolae, who transported him to a clinic in Arad, about 120 km away. The bird has been hydrated and fed and shows signs of initial recovery. The committed radiography has not revealed any shots in the bird's body, ruling out the possibility of it being shot. Subsequently, during the night, the bird was transported for further treatment and rehabilitation by our colleagues from the Milvus Group (Daroczi Szilard and Robert Zeitz) - to the Vets4wild clinic in Targu Muresh.
Before this, the bird traveled through several European countries, where it was tracked with interest by various organizations and bird enthusiasts, reaching Poland, Italy, and Austria.

About the bird... 
Fremuth is a female bird. It is named after Wolfgang Fremuth (Wolfgang Fremuth - Frankfurt Zoological Society), one of the people responsible for the recovery of vulture populations in Europe. He has made a significant contribution to the conservation of Balkan biodiversity and is of crucial importance for the start of vulture reintroductions in Bulgaria.
Fremuth the vulture was hatched in May 2020 in Spain. It is one of the birds donated to Bulgaria by the Regional Government of Extremadura, to help restore the species here. In May 2022, she was admitted to the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans, after which she was redirected for release into the aviary in Dolno Ozirovo and then released into the wild.

Dozens of people from across Europe have been following her during her travels, which is a wonderful example of international cooperation and the importance of the reintroduction program.
Stay tuned for further information on the development of the case and the fate of the bird...

Photos were sent to us by Milca Petrovici, Daroczi Szilard, Sain Nicolae, with the help of Cornel Cotorogea. Thank you!

Contacts from Green Balkans:
Ivelin Ivanov - Project Manager "Bearded Vulture LIFE",
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