About the EVS volunteers at the Rescue Center

About the EVS volunteers at the Rescue Center


These young people joined our team as part of the YOUTH IN ACTION Program, EVS (

These are Federico Lettieri (age 27) from Italy, Mylene Sannier (age 23) from France, and Cora-Michal Graulich (age 19) from Germany. All of them are doing their one-year projects. Federico arrived early in June 2008, Milene arrived on September 10th, and Cora five days later.

The volunteers are fulfilling their duties successfully and have already become members of the Rescue Center’s family. In addition, they take part in other activities implemented by Green Balkans, such as educational initiatives (, radio telemetry of tagged birds (, etc.

The team of the Rescue Center is grateful to the volunteers for their invaluable contribution.