A workshop on the problems of the vultures took place in Stara Zagora

A workshop on the problems of the vultures took place in Stara Zagora

A few days ago a workshop entitled "Collaboration and Increasing of the capacity to prevent mortality of Vultures from Veterinary and Medical Products and Poisons" was held. The workshop was part of the activities of the projects "New Hope for the Egyptian Vulture" LIFE16 NAT/BG/000874 and "Conservation of the Black and Griffon Vultures in the Trans-border Regions of the Rhodopes" LIFE14 NAT/NL/000901.

During the meeting more than 40 representatives of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, the Regional Food Safety Directorates, the Bulgarian Veterinary Service, the Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria, Green Balkans, BSPB and FWFF discussed the problems with poisons, plant protection products and veterinary medicinal products, which have an impact on vulture populations.

At the end of the day a debate took place, where the greatest attention was paid to the sampling protocol in case of poisoning.

Second day was devoted to practical activities. These started with Bars the dog, owned by BSPB, who unmistakably managed to find the hidden animal carcasses in the area of the Green Balkans Rescue Center. There was also a brief training on taking toxicological material, storing it and sending it to a laboratory. The meeting ended with a debate focusing on case law in cases of poisoned animals, related problems and steps to solve them.

All documents, protocols and suggestions generated during the meeting will be sent to the relevant competent institutions and participants in the meeting. At the end of the year the participants will reunite to make an assessment of the results achieved.