A total of 19 artificial nests await wild Saker falcon families

A total of 19 artificial nests await wild Saker falcon families

There are a total of 19 artificial nests, which the "Reintroduction of the Saker falcon in Bulgaria" project team put in the field in the hope of being inhabited by the pairs of the rare species.

We started this activity last year. We first identified suitable trees. This task was not easy at all, as stable, old, trees in the region of Stara Zagora are becoming increasingly rare!

Then began the gradual installation of each of the nineteen, prefabricated, nesting platforms!

The task was not the easiest. Alpine skills, a lot of strength, combinability to overcome the branched trunks of the trees, endurance, as the platforms are heavy, where required. All this, combined with the difficult accessibility to the places and, often, the bad weather conditions, made the already difficult work of our team even more difficult.

But, in the name of providing a home for future Saker falcon families, we did the impossible so that we could be ready during the birds breeding season.
Now we have to continue to monitor the nests regularly and hope that the feathered families will like them!

We are glad to note that in most of our actions on the field, there were students from the Trakia University, our loyal volunteers!

The “Reintroduction of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria” project if funded by Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund and JSC “Armeec”