A team of the Rescue Centre visited Bolyarovo and Stefan Karadzhovo!

A team of the Rescue Centre visited Bolyarovo and Stefan Karadzhovo!

At the end of January, part of the team together with volunteers of the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre visited the town of Bolyarovo and the village Stefan Karadzhovo!

In front of the children and adults present at the specially organised events, our team presented the diverse work of Green Balkans - the treatment of wild animals, the release of successfully rehabilitated birds from the Centre, our programs for the return of species that have disappeared from our nature, and our educational activities.

We also shared interesting stories from our daily practice and answered the questions that our hosts were interested to know about.

Part of our presentation were also our helpers - the common buzzard Misho, the tawny owl Chara and the common kestrel Vladko. You may be familiar with their story - they are all birds that underwent treatment at the Centre's clinic, but unfortunately were left with different permanent disabilities that prevent them from being released in the wild.

They are now ambassador birds which help us during our presentations in explaining, through their stories, the various problems that the wild animals face.

Finally, as it is our practice, everyone who wanted could take a photo with the feathered guests as a souvenir.

We thank the students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Trakia University for the invaluable help they provided us!